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Fällkniven HK6L

Fällkniven HK6L


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Fällkniven HK6L

We take pride in making exclusive knives that not only offer flair and beautiful lines, but are also usable. The well-crafted laminated powder steel (3G) blade with a core of SG2  is not only beautiful, it is also strong and holds its sharpness really, really well. We therefore hope that this completely handmade hunting knife will not be lying in a glass case without the knife being used – practical luxury!

The knife comes with a very well-made, deep leather sheath that holds the knife without a clasp, in full keeping with the Scandinavian knife tradition. The leather is 3 mm thick and with a thick liner in the seam, the sheath holds its shape very well. The idea with this type of dangling leather sheath is that the knife should always hang vertically and be easy to guide away when you sit down, for example in the car. You take care of the leather sheath by keeping it clean and dry, the surface can possibly be lubricated with a little shoe wax, but never grease that makes the leather soft.


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