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Böker Sherman EDC

Böker Sherman EDC

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Böker Sherman EDC

The great success of the Boker M4 Sherman Damascus, which is due not only to the history of the historic Damascus steel but also to the design of the modern folder, has prompted us to use this as the basis for a leading and pleasing EDC with a titanium framelock, which, despite the powder metallurgy of the blade, also carries a genuine piece of M4 Sherman Damascus.

For the blade of the Sherman EDC we have used Magnacut for the first time, which is not without reason being celebrated as a "miracle steel". Unlike the tool steels usually used, this steel was developed specifically for knife making. The three desirable properties of a steel - edge retention, toughness and rust resistance (stainless in the DIN category) - represent a conflict of goals. To make the steel rust-resistant, the addition of chromium is necessary, which makes the structure coarse, brittle and susceptible to fracture under normal conditions. High hardness, which has a positive influence on cutting durability, is usually achieved at the expense of toughness. With Magnacut, despite the high chromium content of 10.7% and an impressive hardenability of over 62-63 HRC, it has been possible to achieve a very fine microstructure and thus high toughness and shock-load tolerance. The addition of nitrogen plays a central role here. Nitrogen is actually a steel pest in the alloy. However, due to sophisticated heat treatment, among other things, the nitrogen of the Magnacut is integrated into the crystalline lattice structure of the steel structure and thus achieves the otherwise contradictory material properties.

The central structural difference to the M4 Damascus model is the flipper, elegantly integrated into the contours, which allows the blade to slide open smoothly with a small impulse and invites you to play. The ball-bearing blade is opened alternatively by thumb stud and locked by a sturdy titanium framelock with stonewash finish. An overdrive stop acts as an over-extension protection for the lock. The milled titanium clip (tip-up/r) with a steel ball as well as the handle scales made of wild carbon fibre complete the harmonious overall picture.

A special highlight of the Boker Sherman EDC is the protruding backspacer made of Damascus, which is equipped with a lanyard hole in elongated slotted design. The Damascus of the backspacer was forged from various materials from the production of M4 Sherman tanks by Chad Nichols in the Customized Ladder pattern and is reminiscent of the tank tracks left in the ground by the heavy chains of the M4 Sherman.

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