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Helle DELE

Helle DELE

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Helle DELE 2023

Introducing Helle’s new premium Outdoor Chef Knife Dele – the ultimate companion for your culinary adventures. Designed and crafted with a focus on function, form and durability, this knife is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking and look good while doing it.

When creating the knife, we have teamed up with professional chefs that spend as much time outdoor as they do in the kitchen, such as Norwegian chef Margit Dale. Developed over a period of 24 months, we can now proudly say that we have made a tool that bridges the confines of the kitchen and the wonders of the outdoors.

The name Dele has a double meaning in Norwegian – it means both “to split” and “to share”. This fits nicely for our vision for the first Helle chef knife made in 60 years – it’s a tool to be used when preparing a meal – either around the campfire, barbecue or in the kitchen – with those that are important to you.

The highly-polished 12C27 steel blade ensures razor-sharp performance and effortless slicing of any food you can throw at it. At the same time it has a thick enough spine to tackle chopping and harder cutting. When designing the blade shape, Helle’s inspiration was found in mixing the shape of a traditional European chef knife and a Santoku. Combing the qualities of these two kitchen knife cultures, we believe we have found a blade that is just the right size and shape, leaving you with a good balance between control for smaller cuts and size for larger, chopping tasks. As a chef knife, Dele comes with a full flat grind.

The ergonomic handle is inspired by the ample-bellied handles of Helle’s traditional outdoor knives, and provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to tackle any culinary challenge with confidence. The flat bolster between the handle and blade allows a secure front grip when you are chopping onions or other vegetables. The full-bodied grip on the other hand allows for effortless slicing as well as a comfortable grip when doing heavier cutting. The handle is made in our favorite material – curly birch. Birchwood has good anti-bacterial properties, feels great in the hand – and as an added feature the individual patterning of the curly birch means that no two knives look alike.

The standard version of the Dele comes with a blade protector in leather that you can easily put on the knife if you plan on transporting the Dele, either if you are leaving it in your drawer, bringing it with you on your culinary adventures or when you are going hiking.

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