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Helle REIN- 2023 Limited Edition

Helle REIN- 2023 Limited Edition

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Helle REIN- 2023 Limited Edition

The Rein is of course built with the image of a Reindeer in mind. These are large, gracious animals that are ideally suited to life up north. The colours in the knife mirror those of the reindeer – earthly tones split by variations in white. The knife features a scandi grind, 9 cm highly polished blade in our laminate H3LS steel. The composite handle has an ample belly built by equal parts leather and reindeer antler inlets, framed by a front and back piece in dark oak. The shape is that of a classic, Norwegian outdoor knife, ideally suited to most things you need a knife for when venturing out either for your Sunday trip or longer adventures.

The knife comes in a sheath made from genuine, vegetable-tanned brown leather and features a Reindeer print on the front.

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