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Hydra Knives

Hydra Knives PHOBOS

Hydra Knives PHOBOS

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Color: Brown

Hydra Knives PHOBOS

The Phobos is a tactical knife featuring a ferocious spear point blade. It takes its name from the son of Ares (Mars), god of war; Phobos was the deification of fear. Together with his brother Deimos (literally: fear) he takes part in his father's battles using his own strength to instill terror.

The full-tang knife is made of Sleipner steel and is available in both black and desert tan coatings. Like most tactical knives designed by Alessandra De Santis (aka Hydra Design), the PHOBOS stands out for a guard with two triangular holes which, together with the hole at the end of the handle, recalls the three-headed Hydra of its logo . The ergonomic handle is made up of G10 grips, with a three-dimensional sculpted texture, and offers a firm grip on the tool. The knife comes with a Kydex sheath with belt loop adapter, paired with a soft rubber loop, for both horizontal and vertical carry.

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