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Peltonen M95 PTFE

Peltonen M95 PTFE

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Sheath Material

Peltonen M95 PTFE

A good knife should be safe to use. It fits into the hand nicely and with a firm grip. The blade biting efficiently into the material being worked on. The finishing touch of a good knife is, of course, a proper sheath; one that can hold the knife in its place, yet still providing the user with an easy way of pulling the knife out when needed.

M95 Ranger Puukko (fin. Sissipuukko M95) provides all of these things. It is a steadfast tool fit for the needs of military, bushcrafters, hunters and survivalists - all those who move in nature.

The M95 Ranger Puukko has been made with care and its materials have been chosen with precision, considering the needs of the widest possible user base.


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