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Petromax Slicing Knife 24cm

Petromax Slicing Knife 24cm

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Petromax Slicing Knife 24cm

  • Made in Germany: handmade in the blade city of Solingen
  • Each piece is unique due to individual oxide coating
  • Sharp blade due to the knife being pulled off by hand
  • Stainless steel and handle made of walnut wood
  • In Petromax design: lettering and dragon logo

With the Petromax carving knife - elegance and precision combined
Whether meat, fish or fruit, with the Petromax carving knife you can cut thin or thicker slices - just as you need it. Its tapered design enables precise cuts without unnecessary pressure.

Our carving knife is aimed at fire cooks who demand the highest standards. The individual oxide coating makes each knife unique, which not only impresses visually, but also ensures durability. The blade has been hardened and sharpened by hand, making it exceptionally sharp, robust and durable.

Comfort and craftsmanship
The handle of the Petromax carving knife is made of fine walnut wood and fits perfectly in the hand. The full-length steel and the riveted handle guarantee safe and comfortable handling. This knife was designed with the needs of outdoor chefs in mind. It was produced with care in Solingen, a city with a centuries-old tradition in the manufacture of swords, knives and scissors.

Easy to clean and durable
The carving knife is easy to care for. Gentle cleaning with a little washing-up liquid is sufficient if the blade is very dirty. However, simple cleaning with water is normally sufficient. The handle should not come into contact with water. After cleaning, it is important to dry the knife thoroughly to preserve its quality and sharpness.

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